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Sunglo® Definition®


A water soluble product containing a complex formula that has been researched to enhance appearance and definition of muscle as the animals enter the show or sale ring.

Mixing Directions (to prepare one dose):

Mix Together: 1 packet (2 oz) Sunglo® Definition® Activator (RED)

1 packet (4 oz) Sunglo® Definition® Base (BLACK)

Usage Directions:

  • Feed 2.5 oz (of the mixture) per 100 lbs body weight per animal at least 5 hours and again 2 hours prior to entering show or sale ring.
  • Sunglo® Definition® Activator and Base Mixture may also be top-dressed on feed (providing animal’s water intake is normal) or dissolved in drinking water.
  • Store in a cool location until time for use.

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