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Mini Dehumidifier, High Capacity, 500-Cu. Ft.


High capacity mini dehumidifier, designed to absorb moisture from small enclosed areas, removes 6 - 8 oz moisture per day to help keep your room dry, works well in areas as big as 500 cuft, odorless & non-toxic silica beads, helps prevent the growth of mold & mildew for a cleaner space, cannot leak or spill & is safe for use around children & pets, 100% renewable & needs no power to operate, just hang the unit in a closet or you can place it in other small enclosed spaces & will start to absorb moisture, no batteries required or cords to plug in, works without power, indicator window with special moisture meter crystals that change from orange when dry to green when wet to indicate when the unit needs to be renewed, lasts approximately 20 - 30 days, about 12-14 hours to completely renew unit, remove & plug it into a power outlet in a ventilated space to renew.