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Bacon Products Eagles - 7 Fly Catcher Ribbon

Bacon Products

Sticky attractant treated fly ribbon catches large numbers of flying insects without the use of insecticides. Simply pull tab attached to fly paper from tube and hang. Thumb tack included.

The Eagles-7 product line has been a part of Bacon Product Corporation’s offerings for over 60 years. We’re proud to offer a full line of scientifically-developed septic tank and pest control products, designed to make your home life comfortable and worry-free.

Septic Clean helps prevent expensive repairs to your septic system by introducing super-bacteria that use powerful enzymes to break down organic and non-biodegradable waste. Fresh Drain helps maintain free-flowing drains by dissolving built-up food in pipes and disposals.

Eagles-7 also offers a variety of products to treat unwelcome house guests. Our pest control products are designed to rid your home of rodents, spiders, and insects of all types.

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