Pet Grooming

La Vernia, TX

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Monday thru Friday

8am to 3pm

Call: 830-779-2600 to Schedule an appointment

If you want to keep your pet looking its best, you will need more than a simple comb or brush. Depending on your pet's species, breed, coat type, age and personality, there is a wide range of grooming accessories available, as well as dietary supplements to support a lush, healthy coat and good skin. Whether you prefer a casual cut or a show-stopper style, our grooming experts are here to help you groom your pet or provide professional services to help your pet stay beautiful.

Serving La Vernia, TX

Grooming Info


           Morning Appointments

                       Drop Off 8-8:30 am

                       Pick Up NO later than 12 noon

           Afternoon Appointments

                       Drop Off 12 – 12:30

                       Pick Up NO later than 4:00 pm

New Customers

           Must provide a copy of current shot records

Flea Treatment

           All animals must not show signs of visible flea infestation

In the event fleas are present – groomer reserves the right to refuse service, or treat animal with a single dose of flea treatment for which the owner will be charged an additional $10.00.

Service Menu

           Pricing is based on size of dog and service provided.

In the event that additional services, or extensive grooming is required, the groomer will consult with the customer and give pricing upfront for any and all additional services.

                                   Bath & Dry                             Full Groom

           Small              $30-35.00                               $40 -50.00

           Medium         $40-45.00                               $55-60.00

           Large              $50-55.00                               $65-70.00

           Nail Clip         $15.00